Recicla i Guanyaràs

To make the ecosystem sustainable

To ensure the sustainability of the planet, it’s necessary to avoid waste, either by preventing its generation, thus saving on materials and energy, recycling it and integrating it into the processes of production or distribution, or making it easy to be assimilated by natural systems so as not to cause damage either to ecosystems or human health.

Did you know…?

The products that we normally consume are the result of a long process of extraction, transport, production and consumption which carries with it an ecological rucksack* of unknown necessary materials which can have a very important impact on the ecosystem. Some examples of typical consumer products:

Product Ecological Rucksack
1 Desktop PC 1,500 kg
1 Ladtop PC 400 kg
1 Mobile telephone 75 kg
1 Car 70,000 kg
1 kg of aluminium 85 kg
1 kg of glass 17 kg
1 kg of meat 23 kg
1 kg of cereals/potatoes 2.3 kg
1 kg of fruit/vegetables 4.8 kg

Source: Rezero, 2017.
*Ecological rucksack: quantity of materials used for the elaboration of a product throughout its whole lifecycle: Extraction of raw materials, packaging, manufacturing, transport and treatment of the waste that it generates.